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development of first Urals extreme festival website

"Daredevil" in English is the biggest motocross festival in the Urals. It gathers more than 4000 visitors each year and has 14 competition categories.
We had a goal to communicate spirit of youth, extrime and adrenaline. Also it was important to introduce information about festival activities and to attract new visitors.

About the festival

Project goal

It had to be breathtaking and passionate so we decided to use dark-red color as a basis for our design. Also website had to be user friendly and consequently lead possible client to ticket purchase.


For headings we used Montserrat Bold. It is easy to read and attracts attention really well.

For text we used Akrobat Regular. It is perfect to communicate energy, lightness and tension.


For our design we used combination of black, dark-red, red, orange, grey and white.


Website includes five independent pages:
1. Main page
2. About motocross
3. Information about competitions
4. Visitors check list
5. Contacts

Main page is an exсerpt of main information about the festival. It introduces event to visitors and leads to ticket purchase.


All activites are presented as dynamic blocks with photos.
Banners were filled with energy and stimulated to action.
We would like to draw additional attention to participants' cards. We managed to make them trendy and powerful.
We also created festival map with thematic zones. It helped visitors to easily orientate at the location.
It was important for the customer to adapt website to every type of devices since most of the site visitors come there from advertising banners appearing at their smartphones.

ADaptive design

All controls are colorful and dynamic. It’s easy to read and use them to navigate around the website.


We also took care of website development. Frequent iterations and permanent cooperation between developers and designers helped us to release the website without shifting away from original concept.
As a result we had bold, colorful and dynamic website that created unique image of the festival.
User friendly and understandable design also helped our customer to attract more people to visit the event.


I found the guys under advice. We've found common ground very fast, right after discussion of all details and our wishes. After adjustment of a site structure they came with a design concept. I liked it a lot because it was trendy and colorful. Development of the site also was quick.

Thanks to the studio ISKRA, I'm satisfied with a result!
CEO of event agency "Inkapri"
Alena Shtin

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